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Problem solving, risk taking, cooperating, failing and succeeding are all words that adults know are key to being successful as an employee, family member, and person. The communities class uses fun and challenging games to demonstrate the power of working together. Participants move out of their comfort zone and into dealing with the processes of taking risks and changing behavior. The major concepts are cooperation, communication, trust, and compromise.




Climbing Tower

Conquer the 40-foot climbing wall that towers above Y Camp. Choose a different route each time you climb to challenge yourself. The climbing tower features three different levels of difficulty, from the half wall for beginners up to the advanced wall with vertical obstacles to make your climb a real challenge.





Zip Line

Challenge your comfort level and test your courage. Zip across the athletic field
and enjoy the rush!





Learn the lost art of archery. Basic level lessons will teach the techniques and skills
necessary to get you ready to start shooting bows and arrows like a professional.





Receive expert instruction on canoe safety and paddle instruction on Y Camp’s own
pond. This is a great opportunity for beginners to learn new skills or enjoy an easy
recreational paddle. River trips can be planned for more advanced participants.





Participants will learn how to survive in the outdoors as they learn how to build a
shelter and make a fire. Not only will they learn survival techniques, but this program
also focuses on cooperation and team building skills.




Low Ropes

Team building starts at ground level. Groups develop skills in communication, goal setting,
and encouragement with activities designed to focus on specific team attributes. The ropes
course is a 3 hour program.




High Ropes

The high ropes course is a system of cables and ropes suspended 35 feet in the air to
create a greater challenge for participants. Goal setting, encouragement and self-esteem
are key factors of the program. 




Horseback Riding

Learn the basics of riding a horse while being able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors
Y Camp has to offer. A small group of 12-15 can experience a trail ride along the
Des Moines river at one time. Ages 8 and younger may enjoy pony rides.






















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