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Overnight Mini Camp


If Mini Camp were to be given a more scholarly name it could be "Introduction to Y Camp." Mini campers ages 7- 8 get a taste of all of the programs and excitement that Y Camp has to offer, but the camp does not last the full week. As a four day, three night program to prepare enthusiastic young campers for the full week sessions, Mini Camp mixes large and small group time so that campers develop friendships and build character every day. Mini Camp is the start of the journey toward a strong and long-lasting relationship with Y Camp.


Mini Camp Sessions 2017
Ages 7- 8
Week 2A  June 18-21- FULL     Week 2B    June 21- 24- FULL
Week 5A  July 9-12- FULL        Week 5B    July 12- 15- FULL
Week 6A  July 16-19- FULL      Week 6B    July 19- 22- FULL
Week 7A  July 23-26- FULL      Week 7B    July 26- 29- FULL
Week 9A  Aug. 6- 9- FULL        Week 9B   Aug. 9- 12- FULL
$260 Member / $285  Program Participant
You may view the 2017 Summer Camp Brochure here.


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