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What People Are Saying

What Teachers Have Said

"Overall - Excellent job. I have been on many field trips - and this one has been one of the best at tying in the standards and benchmarks we have to teach."

"The field trip to Y Camp was a great success. The principal made it a point to come to the opposite end of the building from his office to my room to tell me, 'Now that is what all field trips should be!' He was really impressed and went on and on about how knowledgeable the Y staff members"

"I had many parent emails the following morning saying how much the kids enjoyed it, how excited they were and how much they learned! Excellent!"

"Naturalists were excellent. They know how to handle students. I was impressed with the entire program and would love to come back next year for a longer time."

"There is neither room here nor time to give all the praises for our experiences here! The educational program was phenomenal! The lodgings and meals excellent. Everything the students did taught them something!"

"I always thought that after our first year there, I'd be disappointed (if not bored) each year after. But, it's quite the opposite!! I look forward to coming each year and I love seeing the eagerness to learn in my students - something I see less often in the classroom than I'd like to admit. Keep up the great work!"

"They are still talking about it! They have talked about the specific skills taught and can recite STOP!! The program was engaging and relevant. Also incorporated math, science and reading skills in a natural 'everyday' use way"

"Thank for giving individual attention to the kids"

What Parents Have Said

"We had a blast!!! The children and teachers are already talking about next year’s trip. You make learning fun for the children and adults."

"You were all superb role models and instructors for the kids in teaching them dozens of lessons. Keep up the great work! The Y-Camp and the entire state of Iowa are extremely lucky to have you!!"

"Mike has so much enthusiasm and knowledge. He had all of us really excited about this. So many kids wanted to bird when they got home"

"The entire experience was excellent! I was very impressed by the staff and programming. It was a very valuable trip for me and the students. Thank You!"

"The trip was great! I think I learned as much as my son did!"

"We now have discussions and activities that we do outside involving nature and the environment around us. Thank You."

A Letter From A Parent
: Hello Y-Camp, I wanted to thank you for the time and energy that you gave to our school. In particular, I'd like to thank you for making the camp special for my son. My son has Asperser’s Syndrome and, to put it mildly, his world is not our own. He is often disengaged from topics that aren't on his narrow list of interests. You were very good at keeping things interesting and entertaining for him, which is saying a lot. Since he's been home, he's told his mom and sister several times about his success at catching two water striders and a larva, all about the red-tailed hawk and the barred owl (all of which he remembered correctly), and about the pregnant bats. Will he become a naturalist? Probably not, but for at least a few days, you've made his world a little bigger. I know that you believe what you're doing is worthwhile. I just wanted to let you know how much it is, at least for one little boy. Many Thanks.

What Students Have Said

"...before I went to Y-Camp I didn't like nature or care about it, but now that I left, I care more and I'm not watching TV, I now have hobbies. I have new doors that have opened to me."

"Y-Camp teaches you stuff you can't learn here. It is a great experience!"

"I think Y-Camp is a good experience because its science and it's teaching you something you can't learn in textbooks. You can't learn how to survive in the wilderness, or learn which bird is which. You can't walk in the woods and explore up close about rocks, sticks, rivers, streams."

"Y-Camp was fun! I didn't only have fun but I learned something. I realized that nature and animals are part of us too! I think the kids of next year should go. So they look at the principal building different too! I hope we all learned not to take things for granted."

"I think everybody should get the chance to go to Y-Camp. Because it teaches you things that you never knew. It teaches you to care more about the environment and the animals that we have. Once people come back from their experience, they will recycle, not waste natural resources, have fun, get to see and learn about animals they never knew and most important they will CARE like never before."

"You taught us to stick with it and never to give up. We learned to trust each other in our activities."

"Thank you for showing us how to be better leaders in our community. We had a lot of fun doing the activities that built our leadership and our connection as a group was a lot of stronger"

"I had a lot of fun while I was at Y Camp. I thought that it would feel long and boring, but it was actually very fun."

"I expanded my vocabulary and understanding of science"


"When I got home, I built a survival shelter with some friends. A shelter takes a lot of time to build"

"The path of life helped me see that you can always keep trying if you don't succeed the first time."

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