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Programs In The Classroom


Y Camp offers a variety of programs that we can bring to your classroom. These classes can be used to introduce a topic, reinforce concepts students have already learned, or treat the class after reaching a goal.

Animals with Class: Students will learn how to tell the difference between the five vertebrate classes by studying an animal's skin and where they lay their eggs. We will explore the differences and similarities between fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. (Grades: K-3)

Reptiles and Amphibians: Learn about the world of snakes, toads, turtles and other "herps." Live animals help students overcome their fears and increase their depth of knowledge. (Grades: All)

Bats: An in-depth look at one of the most misunderstood creatures in the world: bats. Students will debunk myths by looking at bat adaptations, learning how to catch a bat in your home and singing "Bats Eat Bugs." (Grades: All)

Birds: A look at the special adaptations that make birds such fascinating creatures through hands on activities. Students study beaks and feet, learn to use a bird book, and practice identification skills.

Birds of Prey: Anyone who has seen a hawk pass overhead can't help but wonder about these magnificent birds; yet they continue to be persecuted. Meet an injured red-tailed hawk and an American Kestrel and learn about the conservation of these top predators. (Grades: All)

Big Owls Hoot, Little Owls Toot: This entertaining and eye-opening program introduces students to the beautiful and mysterious birds that occupy the night sky. (Grades: All)

Hawk Identification: This fast-paced class has every participant making her own field guide to hawks in flight. Students illustrate silhouettes simultaneously while the naturalist draws on an overhead. (Grades: 5th and Up)

Iowa Geology: Ancient sea floors, mile-thick glacial ice, spreading rock masses: these are all part of Iowa's geological past. Interactive stations, experiments and games will keep students moving and learning how our landscape reached its present shape. (Grades: 5th and up)

The Math, Science and History behind the Tipi: Students set up a 14-foot Plains-style tipi from start to finish. We will discuss materials used in tipi construction, physics behind its structure and history of the people who used this dwelling. (Grades: All)

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