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Additional Programs


Eco-Kid: Who is Eco-Kid? This three-act play entertains and educates about our precious, limited natural resources. This program is an auditorium assembly appropriate for kindergarten thought 6th grade students, and it's free! The audience must watch three "students" as they make choices at school, a convenience store and at home. In the end they learn that each one of them is really Eco-kid. This program is available January, February and March only.

Conservation Days: This is a chance for every grade to experience an environmental education program. Our staff will come to your school for the day for individual presentations in each class. The day culminates with the Eco-kid presentation for the entire school. This program is available only in March.

Young Naturalist Workshop: Young Naturalist Workshop is for students leaving 5th and 6th grade who are interested in a conservation career or hobby. Every student is referred by an educator, naturalist or conservation organization. Students experience electro-shocking fish, mist-netting bats, hunting for fossils, falconry, wild edibles and prairie burns.

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